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Thursday, May 31, 2007

151/365: In preparation for the Full Experience

In preparation for the Full Experience

We had a "typical" Catalan dinner at our house: tortilla de patatas (bottom left corner, not entirely visible), olives, tomatoes, really good ham, bread, cheese, beer. Also not pictured: the lovely fuet. Instead of beer, I had a clara, another inspired Spanish drink consisting of half a glass of beer mixed with half a glass of Schweppes or Fanta lemon soda. Among my greatest sadnesses in life is that Fanta sells all sorts of nasty soda flavors in the US, but not lemon. I guess in Britain this same drink is called a shandy, and it could be made with Sprite or non-carbonated lemonade, but it just wouldn't be the same.

Also, despite recently having made fun of the Pan con Tomate flickr group, I nevertheless added my contribution.


At 6/01/2007 12:01 PM, Blogger Rev Dr Mom said...

Sounds wonderful!

Ham and bacon are really the only two meats I miss, so I would welcome that "full experience"

At 6/02/2007 1:21 AM, Blogger jayfish said...

looks delicious....

At 6/02/2007 10:09 AM, Blogger Dalissa 365 said...

Mmm... now this meal looks tasty!


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