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Sunday, May 27, 2007

147/365: Everyone's vote counts

Everyone's vote counts

Today is Election Day in Spain, for mayors and city government. I went with House while he voted. In Spain, there are no machines, neither computers, nor butterfly ballots nor the quaintly outdated but functional machines we use in NYC. He explained to me that in the past he's seen some old people get very emotional during the act of voting, since until the death of Franco in 1975, there was no such thing as voting here. He also told me that he's seen old people ask for a stamp indicating that they'd voted, even though those stamps are usually only necessary for workers who get a couple of hours off during the day to prove that they actually went to vote.


At 5/28/2007 2:12 AM, Blogger jayfish said...

does spain have a higher percentage of registered voters voting than the us?

At 5/28/2007 2:55 AM, Blogger Ianqui said...

In Spain, you don't have to register. If you're a citizen, you have a national ID card, and so you can just go and vote. Now, for actual participation...yesterday in Barcelona it was around 50% (a little higher, I think, and I don't know the national number). But it was for mayor and local government, which doesn't generally inspire as many people to come out as the presidential election. I've been told that's higher than 70% participation.

At 5/28/2007 11:23 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Hey, I lived in Spain back in 1983. I was a nanny for three months there, and it was beautiful! I was in Santiago de Compostela, and I would love to go back. It has been good to look at your pictures and enjoy it vicariously.

BTW, I am a friend of Julie Unplugged, and that is how I got to your blog.


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