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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April Retrospective

What can I say about April? Looking at the thumbnails, it seems like April has been about capturing the combination of stateliness and whimsy that is Barcelona and Catalunya (and a little bit of London). Comparing the project here to the project in New York highlights the differences between these two cities. New York is gritty. Barcelona is grand and airy. Both cities can be unexpected at times, but I think it's easier to find absurdity in New York (in a good way). In general, Barcelona is a more orderly city, although when things don't go as planned here, people don't get so uptight or belligerent as we do in New York.

Mostly, I just wish we had as much open space—parks and grand avenues and wide sidewalks—as they do here. I think the quality of life is probably better here. (I won't get started on how many times I've had conversations about how few vacation days Americans get vs. the 30-40 days that most Europeans have.)


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