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Monday, April 23, 2007

113/365: St. Jordi is for everyone

St. Jordi is for everyone

April 23 is the Diada de Sant Jordi, which is kind of like the Catalan Valentine's Day. Traditionally, men give women roses, and women give men books. Fortunately, it's become customary for people to exchange books all around. I gave House 2 cookbooks today and he gave me both a rose and a book of short stories.

All around the major streets of the city bookstores set up stalls, and different groups set up flower stands. This stand was sponsored by a Barcelona gay rights organization. As you can see, their roses were not limited to the standard traditional red.

More pics from today are at Flickr. I've always loved how the buses carry little Catalan and Barcelona flags on St. Jordi.


At 4/24/2007 5:14 PM, Blogger Billie said...

What a wonderful custom . . . the exchange of books. I love that! I wish we could do that here.

At 4/25/2007 9:22 AM, Anonymous dalissa365 said...

I agree with Billie, I'd love for the custom in the States to be exchange of books. How much more fun would that be and can you imagine teenagers really getting into what book to pick for their girl/boy friend. Hmmm... supporting literacy, there's a concept.


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