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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

276/365: Does anyone even use these anymore?

Does anyone even use these anymore?


At 10/03/2007 11:47 PM, Blogger jayfish said...

a total waste of paper as far i'm concerned. they've turned into nothing but huge pointless ads. i haven't cracked one open in forever, the web is my phonebook.

At 10/04/2007 1:48 PM, Blogger Hyde DP said...

They do make good doorstops!

At 10/04/2007 3:03 PM, Blogger Scrivener said...

No, I don't think anyone does.

At 10/04/2007 4:14 PM, Blogger nimiecat said...

They go directly in the recycling bin. I even ask the phone company not to send anymore.

At 10/05/2007 5:39 PM, Blogger zerodoll said...

i keep thinking they might be handy when the apocalypse hits and the internet is down, but more as a weapon than for information.


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