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Friday, July 13, 2007

194/365: All hail the western tanager

All hail the western tanager

If you ever think you have a good picture of a bird, don't look for it on Flickr. You'll just get depressed. That said, we were so excited to see a western tanager, since they're beautiful and they just don't exist on the east coast.


At 7/15/2007 4:56 PM, Blogger julieunplugged said...

Gorgeous. You look like you are having a wonderful time.

At 7/16/2007 12:42 AM, Blogger jayfish said...

and yet your photo is #16 on that first page...

At 7/20/2007 4:34 PM, Blogger zerodoll said...

i think this is a great photo!


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